PRO Virtual Marketing Associate Services

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Our virtual assistants are pre-trained and ready to support your digital marketing needs. Trusted by leading companies, they’re ready to contribute to your success.

PRO Virtual Marketing Associate Services

$15/hr High Quality, Low Cost

10X Return on your Investment

Virtual Marketing Associate Services For Business Owners to Scale

Boost your Business growth with our Virtual Marketing Associates (VMAs). They’re PRO in enhancing your online presence and executing marketing strategies effectively. With VMAs on your team, you can focus on big-picture goals, knowing your digital marketing is in capable hands. This is how our VMAs help you stay ahead in the competitive market.

A virtual marketing associate performs various marketing tasks remotely, utilizing digital tools and platforms. Their responsibilities can include managing social media accounts, creating and distributing marketing materials, conducting market research, analyzing marketing data, and supporting digital marketing campaigns. They work in a virtual environment, communicating and collaborating with team members and clients through digital channels.

Virtual Marketing Associate Services

Marketing Associate Hiring Process

Our VA is not someone who "Just Gets work done" but someone Who's Proactive, Committed & A Good Fit 🠗

As a business owner, you’ll get a Virtual Marketing Associate who’s vetted to meet high standards and is dedicated to your business’s success, ensuring professional task management and support for your digital marketing goals. We encourage you to review our thorough hiring process to see the extent of our commitment to quality and how seriously we take bringing the right talent to your team.

The Resume Hunt!

Once we spot your golden CV, our HR Associate will dial you up for a screening session.

Initial Screening Call

The second we find a good fit, you'll be called in for the Zoom interview.

Zoom Interview

One-on-one session with the Recruitment Team Lead, we'll let you know within 48 hours.

Golden Ticket

Congratulations, you're a great fit, our HR Associate will reach out the offer letter!

Tired of The Hiring Gamble? Imagine scaling without the headache.

Our virtual assistants are pre-trained and ready to support your digital marketing needs. Trusted by leading agencies, they’re ready to contribute to your success. Whether it’s SEO, content creation, social media management, or analytics, they’re ready to jump in and make a tangible difference in your day-to-day giving you your time back.

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Save over 78 hours a month
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Boost daily productivity by up to 40%
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Increase customer satisfaction by 60%

Why Choose PRO's Pre-Trained Virtual Marketing Associate?

Our virtual associates deliver performance comparable to local hires, all while saving you up to 50% in costs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our program offers top-tier performance at half the cost of local hires, optimizing your budget and boosting your bottom line.

Enhanced Client Interaction

Our virtual associates excel in managing client communications, ensuring exceptional service and freeing you to focus on scaling your agency.

Tailored to Your Needs

We customize our associates' training to align perfectly with your agency's requirements, whether it's SEO, PPC, or social media marketing.


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We believe in utter professionalism, communication, innovation and client satisfaction. We stick to this code and serve you with the best of our abilities. We do not only cater successful business, we also work for small business logo design services.

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